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What is a Dealership Management System (DMS), and How Does it Work?

There’s an automotive tool that you’ve possibly heard a lot about in recent months. You may already have it installed at your dealership. That tool is a dealership management system (DMS).

A DMS is a software platform that dealerships and service shops use to manage their day-to-day operations.

These systems provide tools for different areas of your dealership. More commonly this includes tools for finance, sales, vehicle inventory, customer information management and credit reports. These systems also include tools for sales, parts inventory, service, and administration.

By centralizing these processes, a DMS provides better intradepartmental cooperation and increases efficiency. Not to mention you only have to remember one login, which is a time saver and reduces headaches.

How a DMS can benefit your dealership

There are many reasons dealerships and service shops decide to invest in a DMS. They help:

  1. Improve profitability

A DMS gives you clear visibility and insight into your business. This provides you with detailed information to help you make better business decisions. It also lets you and your team focus on making more money and can highlight potential opportunities. This will ultimately grow your bottom line and increase profitability.

  1. Streamline your business

A good DMS will help automate tasks, which will eliminate challenges in your everyday business. It will also allow you to monitor your daily operations in one place. And it will help your team feel more connected and reduce communication issues, making it easier for everyone to work together.

All of this will help your business stay more organized and improve day-to-day operations. 

  1. Improve your customer service

When you have accurate records and strong communication, it will improve your customer service experience. It can also speed up the sales process and uncover/eliminate bottlenecks. But the only way you can benefit from your DMS is if all your employees and vendors can use it effectively.

Do you know how to use your DMS? 

DMSs are highly advanced, cloud based programs that can be a great tool for managing your physical inventory. The problem is, not everyone knows how to optimize their DMS for parts inventory, and while there are third-party vendors that can help with inventory management, they’re not all well versed in using DMSs.

That’s not the case with our team here at Pro Count West

Our professionals are highly experienced with DMS software. That’s because we have worked closely with DMS creators to ensure we understand and can optimize how they’re used.

If you’re currently using a DMS and looking to improve your inventory management, contact us today.

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