Mike Bachara Is Committed to Doing The Job Right

Owner of Pro Count West, Mike Bachara, has been involved in the auto industry his entire life. His motive to pursue a career in this industry stemmed from his passion for cars and his father’s business. He personally oversees each project to ensure that every client gets the service they deserve.

On Saturdays, as a kid, Mike would go with his father, Terry, to the car dealership where his father worked as a Parts Manager. Mike spent his time tidying up the shelves and familiarizing himself with the ways of a parts department.

In 1981, his father founded an inventory business in Chicago, where Mike learned more about the trade.

At a young age, Mike knew he wanted to work in the car industry and eventually own his own business. Right out of college, he got a job working at a dealership as a delivery driver.

After a few years in various positions, Mike had worked his way up to become a Parts Manager at only 23 years old.

During his 14 years as a parts manager, Mike was awarded “Highest Gross Profit” and “Most Improved Parts Department” at multiple dealerships.

Mike and his family moved to Arizona in 2001, where he noticed a need for an inventory company on the West Coast. He started Pro Count West in 2002 as a part-time project, while he continued to work as a Parts Manager.

When the recession hit in 2008, the dealership he worked for filed bankruptcy. Even though the auto industry was facing hardships, Mike saw this as an opportunity to expand Pro Count West.

Pro Count West is now a national company and Mike travels from coast to coast. His favorite part of the job is meeting and developing relationships with people all over the country.  Since starting Pro Count West, Mike has ventured into auto delivery and staffing with his companies Dealer Driver Services and Pro Dealer Staffing.