Increase Your Dealer Warranty Reimbursement Rates From Factories, Manufacturers and Automakers by 65% a Year

Auto dealerships across the United States have long been forced to “discount” their warranty parts, and when they are reimbursed by manufacturers they typically only receive a 40 percent markup or MSRP.

The problem is, neither of these reflect true retail warranty reimbursement rates.

Is your dealership tired of not getting fair warranty reimbursement rates? Do you want to start getting paid fairly for all of the warranty work you do, ensuring that you aren’t missing out on money that impacts your bottom line?

Pro Count West has the experience and expertise you need to ensure that you stay in control of your automotive warranty parts reimbursements.


Retail Warranty Reimbursement is Time-Consuming and Complex

Obtaining retail rates for warranty claims has been an ongoing issue for dealerships across the US. Fortunately, over the past few years, there have been many changes to state laws regarding warranty reimbursements for dealerships.

In fact, 40 states now have auto dealer warranty reimbursement laws that mandate reimbursement for automotive parts and labor at a retail rate. While this is a move in the right direction, vague legislation, application of laws and manufacturer push back, continue to make the warranty process a tedious one.

To receive fair warranty reimbursement rates from factories, manufacturers and automakers, auto dealerships must prepare comprehensive submissions. But this warranty work is time consuming and complex.

If your submission paperwork is not compiled properly, it affects your customers, your bottom line and your dealership’s overall success. By making this mistake, your dealership could be missing out on thousands of dollars.