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Automotive Inventory Solutions That Improve Your Bottom Line

As a family business that began in 1981, Pro Count West is known throughout the automotive industry as a leading inventory services provider. 

We are proud to deliver high-quality auto parts inventory solutions that increase efficiency, decrease losses and optimize your cash flow. We understand the importance of providing customers with the inventory services they need, when they need it.

Satisfied Customers Are Our Greatest Advocates!

Read What Our Customers Are Saying About Pro Count West!

"Mike Bachara has helped us increase both sales and gross profit for our fixed operations in a very tough economic time. Pro Count West accomplished this AND helped us shed unnecessary expense."
Joe Castle
Castle Automotive Group
"Our initial introduction to Pro Count West was in 2008. Mike performed an Inventory and Parts Termination Return service for us at a large dealership. The total amount of inventory was $2.5 Million with virtually no rejected parts."
Ally Financial
"Pro Count West's crew was both very professional and extremely accurate. I was surprised at how efficiently they worked to inventory just under $2 Million in parts for our company."
Accessory Center of Arizona
We have used Mike and his company, Pro Count West, for over 15 engagements, with more than $9 Million of parts involved, and received numerous compliments on their level of professionalism and accuracy.
Ally Financial

Ready to Increase Profits From Your Warranty Reimbursement?

There are few things more frustrating for automotive dealers than warranty work.

The work itself isn’t an issue. The problem is obtaining a fair amount of reimbursement for the warranty work you’ve completed. 

That’s where Pro Count West can help. 

In general, dealers are receiving around 28 percent return on investment from their warranty reimbursement - does this sound familiar? Did you know that you can make significantly more by partnering with Pro Count West?

We are able to perform warranty reimbursement analysis that helps dealerships double, or even triple, the profits they see from their warranty reimbursement.

Stay in Control of Your Reimbursements

We have years of experience and expertise in ensuring automotive dealerships maximize the amounts they receive from factories, manufacturers and automakers.

Our Warranty Reimbursement Specialists will manage the reimbursement process for you!

  • Minimal Disruptions
  • Better Reimbursements
  • Increased Profits

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We offer a wide range of automotive inventory solutions that will help ensure that you are optimizing your dealership's potential.
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