inspect2protect-669999-edited.pngInspect 2 Protect

Inspect 2 Protect's goal is to lower your shop’s liability and expenses, while increasing revenue, customer satisfaction, and retention rates. By reducing liability with their innovative technology, a domino effect takes place.

First and foremost, employee morale increases, which in turn produces greater productivity and an overall happier workplace. Secondly, customers enjoy and prefer the added reliability of technologically advanced vehicle inspections. Make your service department the preferred location for customers near and far, all you need is a little help from Inspect 2 Protect.

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Dealer Driver Services Dealer Driver Services

Dealer Driver Services is a delivery service that provides Parts Departments in Auto Dealerships a lower cost alternative for parts distribution in the Chicago area.

We supply your Dealership a dedicated delivery driver, with their own vehicle, their own fuel, and their own insurance, with a 2 million dollar umbrella. We understand your needs to cut expenses and can help by providing reliable, cost effective, outsourced parts delivery.

Dealer Driver Services Benefits:

  • Reduced Fixed Operating Costs
  • Reduced Exposure & Liability
  • Knowledgeable Driver

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JNap GroupThe JNap Group

The JNap Group offers a wide range of personalized management consulting and training services for automotive dealerships and small businesses. 

They will help ask and answer the tough questions you face in your business, help to train your key people on return on investment, teach your staff how to turn your customers into advocates and show you how to use your financial statement as a business tool. 

Services Offered by The JNap Group:

  • Automotive Consultancy
  • Training
  • Small Business Consultancy

Find out more about Dealer Driver Services for automotive Dealerships.